About Us

Clients large and small from the public and private sector, industries as diverse as medical research, government administration, retail production and financial services – SC Data covers it all. Customization is the heart of our process: from data processing, storage, delivery and security, every job is tailored to customer needs and budgets. After forty years, we’re still a local family-owned and operated business, and we’re proud of our hometown roots even as we keep step with global technology.

Even though the majority of our customers are local, we bring the same dedication and integrity to all of our clients, whether you’re in the next building, the next county, or in another state. We can bring your project to our site, or we can bring our operators and expertise to you. While we do partner with national service providers to offer the widest array of options to our clients, we will not outsource your project – we have a deep respect for our customers, old and new, and we value your trust as our greatest asset.

When you are an SC Data customer, you’re part of the family – and we back you up.